At the casino, PliizBip™ enhances the customers’ gaming experience.

– Your customers can call the dealer or a waiter with a single button-press
– The player can stay totally focused on the game
– Staff will gain mobility while always providing outstanding service
PliizBip™ is a call button particularly suited for situations when the player is in an important phase of the game and do not want to be disturbed.

PliizBip™, how does it work?

By quickly pressing a button, customers can call the casino staff. Whether he needs a clarification from a dealer or for refreshment after a strong emotion. The player may request the attention of the casino staff without needing to move.
With a fixed screen or a watch-like receiver responding when a request is sent, the casino staff may offer a more efficient and personalized service.

The Wireless call button PliizBip™ works on radio-frequency with no installation, and is completely airtight.

Highlighting your casino and your customers

– You provide your customers unequaled level of comfort.
– Enjoy the buzz effect for your casino by adopting this innovative attention system.

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