In a condominium, PliizBip™ helps to maintain easy contact between owners, tenants, maintenance personnel and security guards

– You manage a condo and want to ensure efficient a permanent service for your co-owners and tenants. They can easily call a condo manager so that small daily worries get an answer quickly.
– The condo manager will gain in freedom and mobility inside the building, knowing that it can easily be contacted wherever he is.

PliizBip™ is a wireless call button, which doesn’t require any complex installation. It’s extremely functional and effective for the highest satisfaction of the residents and the staff.

PliizBip™, how does it work?

By simply pressing a button, the residents could call their building staff equipped with a watch receiver (PliizWatch™) that receives the call, stores it and indicates its location. It is therefore easier to go where the call was placed.

For large complex, the system can be supplemented with a fixed screen (PliizScreen™) in the security guard room, so as he can use it to call the agents through the same process.

PliizBip™ system works by radio-frequency with no installation, and is completely mobile.

You offer your residents an easy and useful tool to provide them with a better sense of comfort and efficiency.

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