The store’s equipment with the PliizBip™ system improves customer satisfaction and contributes to increased sales.
– Your customers can call on advisors or department managers at any time without having to search for them in the store and stay close to the items they need advice on.
– Staff gain mobility while providing impeccable service.

PliizBip™, how does it work?
PliizBip™ call buttons are placed in strategic locations on the shelves.
Spokes wear a PliizWatch™ watch receiver paired with the call button(s).When a customer presses a button, the receiver receives an alert indicating which button was used, and can go to the customer.
The receiver records up to 10 calls and stores them in memory until they are erased by the counselor.
It is also possible, with a PliizScreen™ screen located in a strategic location, such as reception, to inform all staff in real time about current events.

The PliizBip™ system operates on radio frequency without installation. It is completely waterproof.

You offer your customers an exceptional experience in their relationship to the purchase.
– You can take advantage of the buzz effect by adopting this innovative communication system.

Many institutions have already adopted the PliizBip™, why not you?

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