In the hotels, PliizBip™ provides personalized service at any time.

– Your customers can call a waiter wherever they are in the cafeteria, the restaurant, in the lounges, the lobby, the pool, the gym, the spa, the gardens, the terraces, the shops or the reception.
– No more need to move, just press a single button and a staff member of the hotel will come to you.
– Staff gains in mobility while providing impeccable service at any time throughout the hotel.

PliizBip™ is a call button perfectly suited so as your clients take full advantage of their stay and never have to worry about finding a waiter or a staff member.

PliizBip™, how does it work?

By simply pressing a button, customers can call the hotel staff and be served in a few seconds at the bar, the cafeteria, or at any other part of the hotel.

Same thing, if you need more information, special assistance, or need a service, walking around the hotel before you find someone who can help will be ancient history.

Thanks to a watch-receiver displaying requests, the hotel staff will be notified directly.
Operation is easy and common to all staff. Housekeepers, security guards, cleaning crews, technicians and managers will be alerted through a single system and can ensure that the hotel is perfect at any time and that customers do not miss anything.

PliizBip™ system works on radio-frequency, with no installation, and is fully mobile.

Service, is the insurance to be always available for your clients and do not miss anything.

– You provide your customers with optimum comfort by filling their needs the minute they need it.
– Tourists will be pleasantly surprised by such a level of service and will really feel to receive a special treatment.

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