In the nightclubs, PliizBip™ will treat your customers like VIP.

If you want to offer a first class service to your customers and make them feel that they receive special attention. PliizBip™ is the perfect device to do so.

Both discreet and practical, it will allow a more efficient and faster service in the night atmosphere when it is difficult to call a waiter because of the crowds and noise. A simple pressure will alert a waiter to order and thus enjoy a true VIP treatment. Ingenious and trendy, the PliizBip™ is the new magic call button, king of the party.

No need to wait, hoping to be seen or desperately seeking a waiter when the party is at its maximum. For your club, no more missed orders because of weariness to wait and a sure increase in your sales.

PliizBip™, how does it work?

By simply pressing a button, the VIP customer will be ensured to contact the waiter to order a drink, change the order or ask for the bill.

PliizBip™ will also never lose orders from customers who despair of not being served.
Thanks to their watch receptor, waiters will be notified and will move towards you in a few seconds, so that only the party and relaxation keep in your mind. PliizWatch™ receivers vibrate and light up at every call, ideal for facilitating the work in dark and noisy environments such as nightclubs.

PliizBip™ system works on radio-frequency, with no installation, and is fully mobile.

The VIP device is going to create the buzz.

– PliizBip™ significantly improves the customer’s care in the nightclubs.
– Create a new VIP service by providing a PliizBip™ button to your best clients.
– Promotion of your club will be ensured through that little extra that makes all the difference.

Many clubs already trust us, what about you?

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