PliizBip™ will help you manage your practice better.
– Your employees will always be at your side to assist you.
– With our wireless dental calling system, you no longer need to search for an assistant.
– Staff will be notified instantly and can react faster to be present in seconds.

PliizBip™ is a call button especially suitable for medical offices that share staff.

PliizBip™, how does it work?
By pressing the wireless call button, practitioners or secretaries will be able to send an alert quickly and directly to the person in charge of the service.

The staff will gain freedom of movement, and will be able to react as best they can.

With their PliizWatch™ watch, displaying real-time alerts, staff will be notified and able to help faster. The service will note a better overall organization.

Call buttons can also be used in a waiting room or in an operating room. Uses are unlimited!

The PliizBip™ Medical Calling System operates on radio frequency, without installation, and is fully mobile and waterproof.

A vital device for emergency situations
– PliizBip™ is easy to use and perfect for simplifying urgent requests.
– In any area of a clinic, practice or rehabilitation centre, PliizBip™ is the easiest way to call someone if you need to.

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