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PliizBip™ contributes to greater patient comfort.

– Clinic patients can now press the PliizBip ™ button for assistance and care, more easily and with the insurance of a quick response.
– Patients receive better service and have a way to ask for help when needed.
– Care staff will be notified and can instantly react more quickly, and be present in a few seconds in case of an emergency.

PliizBip™ a call button is particularly suited to situations where patients cannot move or are convalescent and when immediate assistance is needed.

PliizBip™, how does it work?

By pressing the call button, patients can send a quick and direct alert to the care staff with more flexibility, while keeping the link with patients.
If a patient suffers from illness or need an emergency assistance, PliizBip will be a great help to alert the medical team for immediate response.

Staff improve its freedom of movement, and can undertake the necessary actions.

Thanks to their watch, displaying real-time alerts, staff will be notified and will help patients faster. Thus, the entire medical team will be alerted and the nearest nurse/doctor may intervene. The overall organization will be better and can ensure the patients’ tranquility as for their family.

PliizBip™ system works on radio-frequency, with no installation, and is fully mobile.

A Vital tool for an emergency

– You offer your residents, and their families, a guarantee to respond immediately if a patient doesn’t feel well or if his life is at stake.
– PliizBip™ is easy to use and perfect for simplifying urgent requests, providing better care to patients.
Anywhere in the clinic (reception, consulting rooms, operating rooms, pharmacy) PliizBip™ will inform the right person if necessary.

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