At the spa, PliizBip™ improves your customers’ relaxation experience.

– Your customers can call therapists at any time.
– The place tranquility is preserved.
– Staff will gain mobility while always providing an outstanding service.

PliizBip™ is a call button particularly suited to situations where the client cannot move and need to express a request.

PliizBip™, how does it work?

By simply pressing a button, customers can call the spa staff, whether they are in the massage room, the relaxation room, or the swimming pool. Without disturbing the place tranquility, the care staff will be discreetly informed through a watch- receptor displaying the cabin number calling, to immediately attend the client.
With a screen placed at a strategic location, liked at the reception desk, all the staff can also follow cabins’ calls.

PliizBip™ system works on radio-frequency, with no installation, and is completely waterproof.

Add value to your institution and your customers

– You provide your customers a moment of total relaxation, and ensure that employees are available at any time.
– Enjoy the buzz effect by adopting this innovative communication system.
Many health care facilities already trust us, what about you?

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