PliizBip™ will be the favorite tool for your customers to request information

When a client requires clarification, it can be difficult to find the appropriate person. Having a good quality product at a fair price is not enough. Customers are also looking for innovations, quality and efficiency.

PliizBip™ lets you gather all these qualities by improving your customers’ shopping experience and making it easier and more convenient.

-Thanks to PliizBip™, customers won’t feel so lost and sellers can do several tasks simultaneously.
– With better customer support, your store’s turnover will increase significantly.
PliizBip™ is a call button, placed within shelves or racks, allowing your customers to call a support person to get quick help.

PliizBip™, how does it work?

The assistant or the specialist receives the call immediately to his watch-receptor, telling him exactly where he needs to go. In addition, with its guaranteed installation and its wireless function, it will receive alerts up to 200 meters. This is the perfect tool to cover the entire surface of the store.

Staff Communication will also be much easier. Managers can easily contact their team for a better organization and better control over the staff to organize their team where it is really necessary.

You’ll better advised your clients to find the best product fitting their needs and you won’t lose sales anymore due to a lack of information.

Seek advice and expert opinion via a single button

– Your customers will feel an increased perception of the quality of service, without the feeling of being constantly monitored.
– PliizBip™ system gives you the opportunity to provide relevant advices, but also to increase sales for the desired products arguing, for example, on promotional products.

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