PliizBip™ is the perfect tool to boost your sales

Before the act of purchasing an important product, many customers want to take the advice of a salesman.
– Customers are looking for new products or for those they have seen in the promotion prospectus.
– They want to quickly find a product or a particular department and often have to “chase” a supermarket manager.
Thanks to ServiceBip™, customers no longer feel lost and salesman can perform several tasks simultaneously, while improving the shopping experience.

Giving the opportunity to be available at the right time will increase each department sales.
PliizBip™ is a call button, placed within the shelves or racks, which allows your customers to call a salesman and have a quick help regarding a product they are interested in.

PliizBip™, how does it work?

The seller or another person immediately receives the alert to his watch-receptor, telling him exactly where he needs to go. Alerts go up to 200 meters, so as the entire supermarket area can be covered.
If you’re head of a department, it will be much easier to stay in touch with your team by sending alerts on their watch. It’s the perfect tool during headlight period such as for holiday or Christmas season.
You can provide your customers with the best product at the right time and will be ready to convince customers undecided.

Better availability, more sales

– Despite the extent of the supermarket, customers will feel a personal service.
– PliizBip™ will end the customer waiting for a request or information.

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