Unavoidable assets for the comfort of your customers

Are you a Hotel or/and Restaurant owner?

Display your digital menu and offer your customers to notify you as soon as they need you.

Immediate connection

After scanning a PliizCode, the Pliiz™ app opens a "channel" between you and your customers

A true digital doorbell, Pliiz allows you to offer your customers impeccable service, thus avoiding the frustration of not finding staff at the right time.

Specialized superstores​

The phygital in your stores

Nothing is more frustrating than having to look for a sales consultant!

Simple but effective, all you have to do is place PliizCodes on your shelves to offer your customers the possibility of having the sales consultant come to the right shelf to provide service.


We retrieve your QR code to display it directly in Pliiz.


Allows your customers to notify a staff member.


Allows your customers to ask for the bill and thus allows you to prepare it and avoid unnecessary return trips.


Create a point of payment on the shelf!

Your customers scan a PliizCode to have a salesperson come with the blue card machine directly where the customer is!

Disengage the cash registers and offer your customers a simple way to pay their purchases.

Soon your customers will be able to pay the bill directly through Pliiz.

Satisfied customers, assured tips and increased turnover thanks to an innovative service.

Pliiz is the ideal asset on your shelves. No longer will a single customer be looking for staff. In 1 click, it’s done.