How Pliiz is born:

In the post-war years, Gregg Vandenberghe’s grandfather had already grasped the importance of facilitating interaction in public places. He imagined an ingenious system – a mechanical pole topped by a small colored ball – that would attract the attention of a waiter in a restaurant without having to cran your neck in search of his gaze.

This simple but revolutionary idea was born of the desire to offer customers a more pleasant, personalized experience. However, one thing was still missing: the technology needed to make it a reality.
First ServiceBIp™ was put to the test, with its wireless call button, a doorbell for customers was born! but more innovation was needed…

Today, that vision is realized with Pliiz™ . This innovative application is the digital extension of this original idea. By putting people at the heart of every business transaction, Pliiz enables users to benefit from personalized services tailored to their needs.

In restaurants, stores and many other locations, Pliiz revolutionizes the way customers interact with staff. No more frustrating waits or requests lost in the hustle and bustle. Thanks to Pliiz, users can now request staff attention in an instant, simply and effectively.

But Pliiz doesn’t stop there. The application also offers the possibility of providing personalized services based on each user’s preferences and needs. Whether it’s special restaurant recommendations, exclusive store promotions or other tailor-made benefits, Pliiz makes every interaction unique and memorable.

With Pliiz, we are finally realizing Gregg Vandenberghe’s Grandfather’s vision. We put people back at the heart of every transaction and offer personalized services for 100% satisfaction. Join us in this digital revolution and discover a whole new customer experience with Pliiz.