The first digital bell for your customers!

Give your customers the power to call your team instantly with our digital calling system.

Pliiz™ a unique solution for a universal need

What is it?

Who hasn’t experienced this problem?

Offer your customers an unprecedented experience by allowing them to call your team at the click of a button.
You decide what services to offer, such as calling a waiter or an advisor, consulting a menu or a technical data sheet, preparing the bill or asking to pay on the shelf…

Optimize your customer service with Pliiz™: speed, efficiency and improved customer experience.

100% satisfaction, an unrivalled customer experience.

In addition to facilitating your day-to-day operations, our solution gives you a competitive edge by analyzing valuable service request data.

Identify trends, optimize staff performance and improve your services with this key information.

Pliiz™ gives you the opportunity to transform your business and outperform the competition.

With Pliiz™ your sales increase, and so does your image.

How that works ?

Your customers scan a PliizCode™ placed at their disposal, on a table, a shelf...
The services you offer are displayed on the screen, such as calling, shelf management...
Customer requests arrive directly on your mobile devices, or computers...

Pliiz™ - a universal need

Starting at €19.90 / month


All our offers include a price base and specific functionalities according to your needs.

CES Las Vegas... Thank You !


Pliiz™ made a splash at the prestigious CES in Las Vegas, where it was selected as one of the world’s top 1000 startups.

It was there that it exclusively presented its revolutionary new service, which meets the needs of all consumers, whatever their profile.

They testify

“Pliiz is now a must in our customer relationship”

Franck Cabola


We had to think about it, Pliiz helps us every day to limit the waiting time of our customers"

Maria Ristani


"Customers satisfied by our responsiveness!", Pliiz as simple as a doorbell, Bravo"

Julien Maltais

Groot bord

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